The Products

MotorSports Mailboxes, Inc. intends to market and supply a unique U.S. mailbox to the multitude of motor sports enthusiasts, beginning with a NASCAR team replica race car that is integrated into a U.S. mailbox. The design is patented, ready for daily use, and fully approved by the U.S. Postal Service. It can also be used as a collector's item in offices and homes. The potential market for this product is enormous. Within the first year we project that 20,000 of these units will be sold. We plan to achieve a 31% before tax profit (44.5% retail, 25.4% wholesale) within the first 12 months of operations.

MotorSports Mailboxes' NASCAR mailbox will be manufactured with high quality materials, construction and graphics. It will be made of 0.090 inch ABS plastic that is high-impact resistant, UV resistant, and scratch resistant. Four-color graphics will be vacuum formed to the inside of the body and nose so they will not be exposed to weather. The nose and body will be thermoformed; the rest of the product will be made by injection molding.

Because there is no exact NASCAR type mailbox on the market at this time, this product will set a new standard for US mailboxes that feature items such as a tractor, wild animal, or football helmet. The high quality materials, accurate scale and graphics, along with the ability to withstand rough weather climates are the major benefits to the buyer.

The retail pricing for our initial units will be $99.95 each plus shipping and handling. Our price is in line with both smaller die cast replica NASCAR products and mailboxes that feature other items integrated such as tractors, wild animals, or football helmets. Pricing to distributors will be $59.95.

MotorSports initial products are simple and serve an untapped market. They will be the first product of their kind. The latest designs for the other motorsports product markets will also be patented. We also plan to develop additional related licensed products for NASCAR Truck, Formula 1,Top Fuel Drag teams, Indy Cars, Motorcyles, and Funny Car teams in the future.